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Relaxing muscles... one fiber at a time.



- Holly is an excellent massage therapist. Her knowledge of anatomy and sincere interest in solving muscle aches and pains allows Holly to get great results. She has been part of my recovery routine for a long time. Schedule an appointment- she's awesome!!!! ~ Susie B.

- I have been seeing Holly as a massage therapist for 8 years and there is no comparison! She is personal and professional. As an athlete, I appreciate her listening to me about my problem areas and her massages are always very attentive in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. She is knowledgeable and gives great advice on what to do between sessions. ~ Cyndi P.

- I have been going to Holly for massages for a few years now. She is VERY knowledgeable in what she does, and does it in a professional manner. She is truly concerned with how you are feeling and takes care and her time in treating you. Holly is also just a really awesome person! I love her upbeat attitude and kindness. I highly recommend her to anyone, whether you need a relaxing massage or a more specific medical massage. Holly is an exceptional massage therapist. ~ Alice B.

- I've been going to Holly for therapeutic massages for many years (I've lost count!). She gives her complete attention to what is ailing you and how she can help. She has an impressive knowledge of anatomy and a mastery of the skills needed to help what hurts. Holly has a unique combination of being both professional and having a friendly and caring personality. I've not only benefited from her excellent therapy, but I'm also honored to call her a friend. ~ John B.

- Holly was recommended to me by a fellow masters swimmer, and I saw her regularly for several years until her move to NY. She is very kind , a great listener and a great educator. She helped me through the ongoing resolution of a frozen shoulder, soothed my plantar fascitis and helped to unlock my SI joints before I knew I had any. But here's her greatest gift: her touch - A massage with Holly is simultaneously fluid and targeting. Her hands have an intelligence about them, as if they are one with the tissues they are working on. I highly recommend her. ~ Elizabeth H.

- I've had many massages in my life, but Holly is the best! She's worked on me for years with great success. Deceptively petite, her hands can unknot any tension. She has an excellent knowledge of anatomy so she knows why an area is stressed and what she can do to help you. She's very professional and radiates positivity. It is a joy to see her every time because I know I am in good hands! ~ Liz R.

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